mLe, Ishe, Steven French, Billz, Bruiser Smith, Nutelli, Self Inflicted, Alex K

Tue, December 31, 2013

9:00 pm

Funky Buddha

Denver, CO

$5 - $10

This event is 21 and over

Tickets available at doors starting at 9pm

Kenton Schawe AKA DJ Nutmeg has been contributing to the dance scene since the early 90's. While living in Denver, CO, Nutmeg purchased his first set of 1200's in the summer of 1995 and has been gracing dance floors all over the country ever since. Nutmeg was the winner of Westword's "Best Club DJ" in 2004 and 2005, voted "Best Up-and-Coming DJ" in 1999/2000, and "Best House DJ" in 2001. He has played with some of the world's finest and most accomplished DJs and producers including DJ Dan, BT, Paul Oakenfold, Bassment Jax, Robert Miles, John Digweed, Bad Boy Bill, Wicked Crew, Mark Farina and countless others. Nutmeg teamed up with San Francisco legend Eric James (also known as Rocket and ETI) while living on Maui to form Dog Fight. The two have since created a funky, bass-driven, beat-pounding sound that will surely perk up the ears of the dance community. You can check out some of these tracks on myspace by going to Nutmeg or Dog Fight's profile. Having the ability to spin dance music, hip hop, top 40, mash-ups and downtempo makes Nutmeg one of the most well-rounded DJ's on the market. With nearly 15 years of DJ experience, this jock is seasoned and always ready to rock the dance floor
Once upon a time in the early 1990s, 13yr old Emily set out to make mix tapes for all her friends. She wished more than anything that there was a way she could mix the songs together and form one continuous song to share with everyone.

Little did she know her wish would one day come true.

Emily arrived into the electronic dance music scene in the early 90's. The first nu skool breakbeat record she ever heard captured her soul, and soon DJ MLe was born with a unique ear for the broken beat. After learning how to work the decks, she emerged quickly in the Denver club scene as one of Colorado's best in town. She obtained a weekly residency in the basement at Denver's Club Vinyl, and soon was given her own weekend Friday night headlining slot. During her time at Vinyl, she had the opportunity to open up for and play alongside the worlds very best Dj's and producers.

It was during this time that she won the title of Denver 's Best Dj in 2002-2003 from Clear Channels 93.3 KTCL radio station. In 2003 she obtained the title of Readers Choice Best Club DJ 2003 from Denver 's entertainment newspaper The Westword. MLE began a radio show on the award winning Breaks FM during 2005, and Stanton picked her up for an international sponsorship in 2006.

Wicked smooth mixing skills, proper track selection for every crowd, and an unmatchable energy has elevated Dj mLe into a class above the rest. Over the years, MLE has been consistently booked all over Colorado, headlining clubs such as the Church, Rise Nightclub, Club Beta and many underground parties. She has been regularly featured in newspapers and magazines throughout the years, and continues to be a local favorite in Denver. She began to tour the country in 2006, hitting clubs in LA, NY, HI, NC, AZ and finally broke out of the country in 2008, for a show in the UK.

Production for MLE became solidified in 2009 with her signing onto Velcro City Records to release a series of her own high energy electro and breakbeat productions throughout the year, coupled with remixes by top notch producers such as Lazy Rich, Keith MacKenzie and Dj Fixx. In August of 2010 MLE produced a track called "Do the Deal" featuring her own vocals, and co-created, produced and directed a video with internationally renowned photographer Sean Hartgrove through You Tube. The video created quite a frenzy, due to its graphic content, fun characters and solid footage shot by David Renwick and Jason Casarez and edited by Jason Casarez. The video gathered all local performers, entertainers and extras, and was filmed at Denver's very own Beta nightclub. The release party for the video drew 1000 people at 10pm to help MLE celebrate the release.

Needless to say, each year MLE's success is solidified with talented mixing, amazing stage performances and creative productions that leave people talking for months.

~ MLe fully understands the healing power of music, and extends a prescription for beats to all those who will listen~
it all started for Ishe in 1994, at a rave in the forest outside of Boulder,
Colorado called Eden.

Although he didn't know it at the time, his life would be changed forever. With his first record purchase: Sandals "Feet" on FFRR, the journey began. Throughout the 90's Ishe performed for some of Denver's original production companies. His experiments with production began during this time, laying the groundwork for what was about to take place.

Around 1997 Ishe stumbled upon a record called "Blowpipe" on R&S records by Rennie Pilgrim, and his love affair with new school breaks began. The next five years were dedicated to this sound, which had finally become vogue in Denver. Throughout the next 10 years, Ishe became widely accepted amongst industry insiders as one of the best DJ's Denver had to offer. The cycle of weekly residencies and the occasional large booking continued throughout the early to mid 2000's. By 2004, the purchase of a studio and Serato Scratch Live catapulted Ishe into the world of digital.

Ishe's musical tastes continued to progress and he began to spin Drum and Bass and Hip hop along with his breaks. His focus on production increased, and he was soon opening for major players like Craze, Dieselboy, and Total Science. It was also around this time that Ishe got serious about promotion. He helped form the Supabreakz Coalition and brought out breakbeat headliners such as Sunz of Mecha, Ctrl-Z & Screwface, and the Cereal Killaz, events which are still widely talked about today.

2008 would be another banner year for Ishe, both artistically and professionally. His move into bassline driven electro house, led to the creation of BLINGFACED, a multi-faceted group of DJs, Producers, and Promoters that has enjoyed tremendous success locally and nationally since its creation. Ishe also caught the Dubstep bug in 2008 and attended Burning Man for the first time. In the end of 2008, Ishe was signed onto Velcro City Records. His first release, a dubstep remix of Anthony Ash's "Autumn Burn", reached the top 100 on the Beatport Dubstep Chart. Every subsequent release would reach even higher on the charts, with his remix of Joman's "These Breaks" peaking at #26 in the Beatport Dubstep Top 100, also on Velcro City. Ishe's remix of DJ Hero's "Return to Rave" reached #16 in the Beatport Dubstep Top 100 in March of 2009. His remix of DJ Hero's "Baddest DJ" reached #36 in March of 2010.

2009 proved to be a very successful year for this resilient veteran; with appearances at the largest events Colorado has seen yet; Caffeine, Skylab, Electric Daisy Carnival, Planet of the Drums, Future Sound of Breaks, and Bassphrodisiac. With a total of 26 releases on Beatport in 2009, Ishe received worldwide attention for his production.

A reviewer on Track It Down had this to say about Ishe's remix of Chris Nunchaku's "Human Blood":
"Ishe gives us a dubstep smasher of a remix for on Velcro City Records. Ishe, has been churning out some high quality remixes as of late and we particularly like this whining bass heavy slab of party wobble material. EXCELLENT REMIX!".

World-renowned producer and DJ B.Rich featured Ishe's remix of Joman's "Understand My Style" in a mix in 2009, and "Physical Force" by Ishe and Dj Hero could be heard in a mix by Jeekoos.

It's now 2010 and Ishe is back at it with 3 remixes forthcoming on Velcro City Records, and a remix completed for internationally known EDM act Rabbit in the Moon. Performances in Salt Lake City, UT, Lincoln, NE, and Kansas City, MO, have further cemented his national reputation.
Venue Information:
Funky Buddha
776 Lincoln
Denver, CO, 80203