Meet The Staff: Veronica – Managing Director

July 24, 2107

Here at SoCo, our staff is family, whether they’re blood relations or not. So, let’s introduce you to someone who is often referred to as the “mother” of SoCo.

Veronica first started working for owner Regas at Cristos, at his jazz lounge in Cherry Creek, and has continued to work for Regas off and on, in his various clubs, over the last 27 years! She is affectionately referred to as the “mother” of SoCo because she offers her co-workers advice, stocks the hot chocolate, and always watches out for the SoCo family and our customers.

Veronica is currently Managing Director for our SoCo Nightlife office. She helps everyone with their individual roles while also acting as a leasing agent for all of Regas’ buildings across town. She earned her place in the SoCo family early on, when she would pay covers out of her own pocket to make up for people that slipped past her at the door, providing honest and profitable doors each night she’d work. Her actions proved her honesty and loyalty to Regas, and he has never forgotten this. Veronica went on to work in marketing and other roles before assuming her current position.

When asked what inspires her and motivates her to work every day, Veronica’s first answer is family, both her personal family, and the SoCo family.

She adds, “I love what we provide: the space to dance, see incredible artists, hear great music, be youthful. Some of the best memories of people’s lives are from nights spent in SoCo. How amazing is that?!”

Clearly, she loves her job! When asked what she brings to the SoCo family, Veronica notes that it’s not about one person’s role, it’s a team effort, and working with a team that she enjoys and respects gets them all through the rough times and allows them to have fun in the good times.

Veronica also enjoys the flexibility she was provided when she started, and is still offered, to help work around her children’s schedules – one is heading to college, and the other is in high school. This helped grow her love for SoCo, and build upon her already deep loyalty to the SoCo family.

When she’s not working at the SoCo office, she’s likely out on a boat, tubing down a river, or hanging out with her kids. Maybe you’ll see her in traffic, rocking out to loud hip-hop and rap music, like Michael Bolton in Office Space.

When you come out to one of our events, you’ll probably see Veronica around –especially on colder nights, she’ll be the one reminding you to grab your jacket, like a good mom! Also, feel free to drop her a note on any of our six clubs’ social media pages.

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