TheHundred Celebrates 5 Years

December 2, 2016

TheHundred Presents: Denver’s Most Exclusive Group of Nightlife Promoters

You may be familiar with TheHundred as they play a role in throwing some of the biggest parties in Denver. But besides the name on the flyer, how much do you really know about this promotion team?

TheHundred just celebrated their 5 year reign on Denver’s party scene. Brennen Bryarly started this exclusive group of promoters after moving to Denver and recognizing the shortage of house music talent in the local line-up rotation. After identifying the need for some variety in Denver’s nightlife, Brennen sought out to assemble a community of people who were passionate about music and interested in revolutionizing Denver’s club scene.

In the beginning, members of TheHundred used their private logins to access a secret website where the group could connect and communicate about the artists they wanted to bring to the Denver area. Brennen would book these acts (out of pocket) and a subculture was born.

Individuals who were part of this community felt special and were a piece of something important. TheHundred provided an organization where people were fighting for common goals. This team shared interests and passions and individuals were safe and respected. Brennen took it upon himself to throw ‘secret shows’ for the team where they were able to bring one friend outside of TheHundred. These shows became interactive and large-scale artists were headlining these private events.

TheHundred started throwing a local party once a month. The profit from each show was reinvested in future affairs. These celebrations began to sell out every single month and TheHundred decided it was time to take things up a notch. The 200 person venue near Capitol Hill that was home to these parties was no longer going to work. Bigger artists denied playing because of the limited maximum capacity. TheHundred was clearly growing and they needed to find a new space to accommodate their expansion.

They took the opportunity and ran with it, moving their monthly parties to weekly shows at Norad every Friday night. Booking talent and planning these events was super daunting at first. Going from 1 show a month to 4-5 shows a month was overwhelming. Brennen still had a lot to learn when it came to booking artists. At first, some agents took advantage of Brennen’s innocence in the industry. But Brennen recognized this and would ‘out work’ these agents in return. Other agents have stood by Brennen’s side from the beginning, and still work with him today.

After a year at Norad, the club faced some hardships and TheHundred needed to adjust their party location. These weekly shows were then moved to Saturdays at Club Vinyl, and they continue to host Saturday nights at Vinyl today. This evidently started the development of Vinyl’s rebrand. TheHundred has booked artists like Kaskade, Four Tet, Disclosure, Jamie XX, Cut Copy, Rufus Du Sol, Justin Martin, Claude VonStroke, Duke Dumont and The Martinez Brothers just to name a few. They recently hosted their 5 year anniversary party with Miguel Migs. Music lovers aged 21-50 came out to celebrate and dance to house music creating a unique, energetic crowd.

Brennen organizes all events sponsored by TheHundred and filters the information to the rest of the team. They have big plans for this next year and are going to experiment with more events outside of the club scene. Cloak & Dagger Music Festival has been one of TheHundred’s larger scale events and they just held the festival’s third installment in October. This event requires more help from all members of the team.

TheHundred consists of precisely 100 members each year. After each anniversary, around the first week of December, TheHundred resets. Some members move away, so this reset provides TheHundred the opportunity to invite new individuals whom they think would be a great addition to the community.

In a group as large as 100, Brennen remains responsible for making sure everyone is involved for the right reasons, and everyone remains supportive and influential in individual and community wide growth. Although music is what brought this revolutionary community together, their bond is held together by so much more than just good tunes.

TheHundred sponsors kickball leagues, volleyball leagues, and they also continue to host secret parties just for the crew. The one friend limit was increased to 3, which in turn has caused these secret parties to grow. While there are often low-key, private events for TheHundred hosted throughout the year, there is always one big secret party at the end of the year for the entire team to celebrate. These secret parties allow the group to get back to the true roots of club culture, where they are safe and can express themselves freely.

TheHundred aims to increase the quality of life and social interaction for those involved. The point of the crew is to get people involved and to make things fun and exciting for everyone. TheHundred has become a starting point for some, and members have branched out, getting more involved in the Denver club scene and hosting their own parties in the area. TheHundred has made a significant difference across Denver’s nightlife, influencing club culture and providing music lovers with a positive environment to socialize and enjoy live entertainment. These past 5 years with TheHundred proves just what a hardworking, motivated community they are, and it seems they are just getting started.

- Alyssa Mazza

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